Welcome to the Lobbying Register | Clàr-Coiteachaidh 

The Lobbying (Scotland) Act 2016 is in force from 12 March 2018. 

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For further information please contact the Lobbying Register Team via lobbying@parliament.scot or 0131 348 5408.

The Lobbying (Scotland) Act 2016 became law in April 2016. The Act aims to increase public transparency about lobbying. It defines particular types of communication as ‘regulated lobbying’.

From 12 March 2018 this Lobbying Register website must be used by anyone who engages in regulated lobbying to record details of their activities. The Register is also searchable by anyone with an interest in finding out about regulated lobbying activity that has taken place.

Regulated lobbying only involves lobbying when it takes place face-to-face with:

  • Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs)
  • Members of the Scottish Government (including the Scottish Law Officers)
  • Junior Scottish Ministers
  • The Permanent Secretary of the Scottish Government
  • Scottish Government Special Advisers

There are a number of exemptions in the Act that may mean you will not need to enter details in the Lobbying Register. We have produced guidance on the Act to help you to determine whether it applies to you.

If you have any questions or need further assistance please feel free to contact us.